1705 Fifth Street
P.O. Box 2156
Sandusky, Ohio 44871-2156
Phone: 419-625-7716
Fax: 419-625-7735
E mail: RiedyRoof@aol.com

Providing Quality Flat Roofs, Deck Coverings and Shingle Roofs


We are Riedy Roofing Inc.  We provide services in the residential, commercial and industrial flat and shingle roofing industry. 

We do many different kinds of roofing installations with our primary applications being Build-Up, Duro-Last, EPDM(rubber), TPO, Metal, and Modified roofs. 

We also do other types of work like maintenance work with aluminum coatings and roof repair.  We also do metal trim work like gutters, downspouts, and many others. 

And lastly, we do deck and balcony coverings. 

If you have any questions about our roofing company or our website, please feel free to call us or to email us.